The Waste Management Group of CEE is implementing a project ‘Healthcare Establishment Waste Management and Education Programme (HEWMEP)’ wherein a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility called CHAMP has been set up in Kalaburagi city. The CHAMP Facility is in operation since May 2005. CEE CHAMP Kalaburagi facility is collecting, transporting treating and disposing the collected waste of Kalaburagi City healthcare establishments (HCEs) successfully since the last 12 years.

The CHAMP facility is collecting, treating and disposing about 17 MT of biomedical waste per month from the HCEs of Kalaburagi city and all six talukas, thus improving the public health scenario of the region in a significant way. In the reporting period, 143 in-house training programmes were conducted in HCEs with a total number of 755 healthcare staff trained through the same. Four workshops were organised in Kalaburagi for administrations and doctors of various HCEs to sensitise them on the revised BMWM Rule, 2016 and the bar coding aspects. About 300 healthcare personnel were trained and sensitised through these workshops. A set of posters on integrated Biomedical Waste Management was developed for HCEs as per the BMWM Rules, 2016; 350 HCEs have been provided with these IEC materials. 

Bar coding to track the waste has been initiated and 746 HCEs have been provided with label/ QR code. The continuous emission monitoring system to monitor CO, CO2 and SPM has been installed and is also linked to the CPCB and KSPCB sites for online monitoring. The incinerator of the unit has been upgraded with droplet collector, residence time of 2 sec and improved ventury scrubber with PLC to display burner temperatures, as per the requirement of BMWM Rules, 2016.

About 350 medical and nursing students from 11 medical and nursing colleges of Kalaburagi visited the CHAMP for a demonstration and as a study of the ideal BMWM facility.