On the occasion of International Day of Forest on March 21, 2016, CEE Himalaya utilized the opportunity to raise awareness among people of Kuroli village, Uttarkashi district, about the services provided by the forests and drawing attention towards the urgency of increasing the green cover. The event was hosted in partnership with JSW Foundation, observing an overall participation from 60 community people.

An array of activities like discussions, open dialogues, plantation, and games were conducted. Discussions and open dialogues with the communities took place. Participants stating that the each family in Kuroli community has adopted some patch of their traditional forests where cutting even a single branch from any tree is not permissible. CEE team promoted the plantation of traditional species to meet the increasing demand. Women of the community planted saplings of native species like Baans (Bamboo), Deodar (Cedrus deodara), and Oak during the event. At the end, Kuroli community took pledge for dedicated and sincere effort for preservation of forests and trees.