CEE recently developed an Interpretation Centre at Ralegan Siddhi Village in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The centre interprets Watershed Development and how Ralegan Siddhi village has achieved water security and economic and social development through development and management of its watershed. The centre features to-scale relief model of the watershed of the entire village as well a model demonstrating various watershed techniques. It also features dioramas with realistic models of the mammalian, avian and reptilian fauna found in and around the village.

There is also an interesting exhibit which features two relief models of the village, one shows the village before watershed development was undertaken and one shows the village as it is now. The model demonstrates the immense difference in vegetation on the hills, area under agriculture and condition of housing and other infrastructure in the village which occurred in a span of about thirty years. For those who are curious to learn more, there is an interactive touch-screen exhibit which further elaborates the watershed development, economic development and social development of the village.