CEE IFC’s Trail to a ‘Safe Holi’ in Ahmedabad

CEE Ahmedabad’s Information Facilitation Centre (IFC) organised an educational trip for 70 first year BBA students from GLS University’s Computer Applications & IT (FCAIT) faculty. The students were taken on a nature trail in the campus to understand the co-relation between human habitation and nature. The importance of playing a safe ‘Holi’- a prominent festival of India – was also explained to them.

Various topics were discussed in detail by the resource person in detail, such as biodiversity, healthy forest ecosystem, environmental pollution with sources and effects, food chain and ecological pyramid and environment conservation through sustainable development, during the nature trail. They were also introduced to native birds and plant species of Gujarat.

Along with this, the expert also discussed with them environmental degradation through wasting natural resources like water and fuel wood during the ‘Holi’ festival. Concepts like ‘tilak Holi’ and ‘community Holi dahan’ were introduced to the students for spreading awareness. In addition, the message of saving street animals from synthetic colours was also brought home to them.  They were also advised to refrain from using these colours on themselves and others. The programme ended with highlighting the importance of natural colours with a demonstration on making these from vegetables and flowers.