Strengthening Environment Education in School System (StrEESS)


Since 2005, CEE is working with State Departments of Education (SDEs) across India towards Strengthening Environment Education in School System (StrEESS). Under the project, CEE initiated discussions with various State Education Departments. CEE has facilitated the development of proposals by various State Departments of Education focusing on the action plan for various activities such as developing / facilitating implementation of the EE curriculum, orientation of text book writers, development of text books, development of teaching-learning materials, teachers training etc.

The Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) is working on revision of the proposal in consultation with CEE. The revised proposal has been submitted to the MoEF. The Ministry has given its approval for certain EE activities to the Meghalaya. The department is having its internal discussion on the project for acceptance of the project. CEE had several round of meeting with various officials of the Board to discuss the project.

CEE has compiled a report on state of environmental education in schools of Meghalaya with the help the State Boards of Education. The Secretary Education has given his vision note for EE with the approval to the status report of EE.


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