Biocultural Camping

Biocultural Camping for Sahyadri School:

CEE Central, Pune developed a Bio-cultural Camping Module for schools in Sahyadri. This module is based upon biological and cultural element offered by two representative villages in Ahmedanagar district located about 155 km and 170 km north and north-east of Pune respectively. Out of these two villages Sangavi is a typical village on the banks of river Pravara with irrigated agriculture. Second village Kohane is a tribal village located in Sahyadri mountain ranges inhabited by Mahadev Koli tribals. These mountain ranges are amongst the highest in Maharashtra including Kalsubai. 

Eight days home stay based camping module developed includes a mix of experiential learnings in areas of biological and cultural diversity in Sahyadri. This area represents some of earliest human habitations in Maharashtra, places of religious and historical importance, connected by migratory route bringing pastorals from North India. Modern parallel can be seen in pastoral families from Gujarat rearing cattle since generations in this area and bringing not only distinct cultural flavor but also cattle breeds in Lal-Bharochi and Kankrej breeds of cows. And Mehsana buffaloes along with cross breeds enriching diversity of local breeds of Dangi, Khillari and recently introduced Jersey and Holstein-Frisian under dairy development programmes. 

This area is cradle of co-operative Sugar and dairy-based industrial development in Maharashtra offering an excellent opportunity to take visitors on interesting journeys of ‘Farm to Factory’, experiencing a range of economic activities and cultural flavors in a small vicinity. 

CEE organized first camping programme in this area for 7th standard students from Sahyadri School, Rajgurunagar, Pune in February 2008. This 8 days programme included home stays with farmer and tribal families and experiencing livelihoods and cultural life by living it. Visits to local organizations working in areas of organic farming, local seed conservation and food processing through women SHGs, learning watershed activities, hands on agricultural activities like irrigation, harvesting etc, preparing food, raagi biscuits, milking cows, experiencing Varkari Bhajan in village temple, exploring birdlife and floral diversity in community conserved sacred grove, dam site, hydroelectric power station, trekking to Harishchandra fort.


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