Slum Rehabilitation

Affordable Housing and Slum Rehabilitation:

Almost half of Pune's population has inadequate shelter. CEE as a part of the DP Coalition and the Pune Housing Group (a consortium of SNDT Adult and Continuing Education Dept, Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat, Janwani and CEE) is working towards the development of a comprehensive Housing for All policy in Pune, responsive to the needs of the poor, and in a social and environmental justice context. A rapid assessment of slum rehabilitation in Pune was done through a partnership with the Gujarat Mahila Housing Trust in 2007. The assessment included visits to five rehabilitation sites in Pune, interviews with residents and developers/ builders and municipal officials.

CEE, as the secretariat of the DP Coalition is coordinating the development of a discussion paper on Affordable Housing as an input into the Development Plan (DP) for the core area of Pune city.


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