Rameshwaram Bird Interpretation Centre Project:

Rameshwaram is the northern boundary for the Gulf of Mannar World Biosphere Reserve. The island attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country, who throng the town to visit the famous Rameshwaram Temple. 

Every winter, a large number of birds visit a spot en route to nearby Dhanushkodi. In an effort to draw attention of local people and tourists to these often unnoticed avian visitors, CEE was invited by the Office of the District Collector to construct an interpretation centre focusing on the avifaunal wealth of the region. CEE plans to employ both active and passive interpretive mechanisms to achieve the project objectives. These mechanisms are of four types:

• Passive, including provision of information, orientation and interpretation;

• Participative,including use of data sources;

• People-based, including guided activities and links with the community; and

• Experiential opportunities, including active discovery and exploration.

The plan envisaged constructing a two-storied interpretation facility at the site. A Building Committee was formed to devise guidelines for choosing professionals for the construction, regular monitoring of its progress and technical inputs. As the area is subject to CRZ restrictions, CEE submitted the requisite documents and organised a public hearing. Contact:

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