Reblives Implementation

Rebuilding Lives: Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme:

Rebuilding Lives is CEE’s response to the tsunami of December 2004. Started in 2005 and supported by Intermón Oxfam, it is an integrated multisectoral rehabilitation programme aimed at sustainable livelihoods and disaster-preparedness for the tsunami affected people of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Andhra Pradesh.

The major sustainable development interventions undertaken as part of the programme were

• Restoration of livelihoodsin agrarian communities through Cash for Work Programme and reclamation of land and water bodies; and in fishing communities through skill training in maintenance of Outboard Motors (OBMs), construction and deployment of Artificial Fish Habitats (AFHs) and construction of net shelter.

• Establishing alternative livelihoods for fishing and labour community; this includes establishing incense manufacturing units and crab culture-cum-fattening unit.

• Meeting shelter, water and sanitation needs by constructing permanent shelters and conducting educational activities to promote sanitation and hygiene in fishing habitat.

• Developing disaster preparedness and risk reduction plans and initiating ecorestoration activities such as vulnerability assessment, mapping and contingency plan preparation, training and educational interventions and nursery raising and plantation activities along the coastal area. Presentation


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