Support in design and Implementation of Environment Management Framework (EMF) for Rural Poverty Reduction Programmes implemented by State Governments with Support from World Bank

CEE Andhra Pradesh is the State Environment Resource Agency (SERA) for the Tamil Nadu Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Programme (TNEPRP) - Vazhndhu Kaatuvom being implemented by Government of Tamil Nadu in 15 districts with support from World Bank. The role of CEE as SERA is to design and facilitate the implementation of Environmental Management Framework (EMF) in the project.

The purpose of EMF is to ensure that neither the livelihoods of the rural poor nor the environment are compromised.  CEE contributes to the EMF implementation through

1.       Development of tools for Environmental Assessment (EA) of the livelihood activities being supported through the project

2.       Capacity building for different stakeholders including the project functionaries, community representatives etc.

3.       Development of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials

4.       Supervision of EMF implementation through visits to each district once in six months

In other states:

•  CEE has designed the EMF for the Bihar rural Livelihoods project (BRLP).

•  CEE has conducted supervision to check the effectiveness of  implementation of EMF in Chhattisgarh District Poverty Reduction Project (CGDPRP)

•  CEE has conducted Environment Audit to check the effectiveness of EMF implementation in Rajasthan District Poverty Initiatives Project (RDPIP)  Contact:

CEE South
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Tel: 080 - 22869094/22869907
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