Dudhwa National ParkNRM Programme in Dudhwa:

The project “Community Driven Natural Resource Management for Biodiversity Conservation in Dudhwa Nation Park” was initiated by CEE with the support of Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund, Japan in the year 2005. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen protected area management by involving local communities to conserve biodiversity efficiently.

Phase I (2005-07)

During the phase I of the project, four villages namely Puraina, Ramnagar, Balera and Dhuskia were identified of North Sonaripur Range of Dudhwa National Park (DNP) for implementation of the activities.  The first phase of the project involved the activities like baseline survey, need assessment, documentation of traditional knowledge, school activities, biodiversity conservation committee formation etc.

Phase II (2007-08)

The second phase of the project was initiated with the objective of conserving the rich biodiversity of Dudhwa by managing the natural resources through communities’ participation and networking with key institutions. The community level activities included improvement of community’s livelihood skills through capacity building, training and providing alternatives for fuel wood and market facilities for the tribal handicraft. The main emphasis was on to reduce the pressure from the PAs by making the communities more self dependent. Training programmes were organized on sustainable energy options and promotion of the tribal handicraft. These programmes were done in partnership with government departments working in the field of promotion of non-conventional energy appliances. School Education programme in Dudhwa was also initiated where CEE worked with selected cluster of schools. A teachers training programme was organized to initiate the biodiversity conservation education activities in schools around Dudhwa.

Phase III (2008-09)

The project is in its third phase with the objective of showcasing the model eco-village focusing on sustainable livelihood options. This is being done through participatory approach with the ultimate aim of minimizing the pressure from the forest resources of the protected area. Capacity building and skill development training programme and field visits are being organized for the beneficiaries. To maximize the efforts, CEE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WWF Terai Arc office to take up more villages in the area. The efforts are being focused on alternate energy options in terms of introduction of various biogas models, smokeless chulah etc. and other aspect is focused on alternate livelihood options such as organic, agriculture, herbal garden, handicraft promotion and marketing etc.

The project also includes the school initiative going on in the schools of Dudhwa National Park. A school package is developed by CEE for schools which include a poster and a teachers’ booklet.

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