CEE is implementing a pilot demonstration project on ecological sanitation (Ecosan) in two gram panchayats of Bakshi Ka Talab Block in Lucknow district. Supported by UNICEF, it is the first project of its kind implemented by CEE in UP, in association with experts from Trichy and Gorakhpur .

The main objective of the project is to add to the basket of existing toilet options, ecologically, economically and technically intelligent choices in sanitation. Ecosan is an approach that offers many advantages beyond providing sanitation, a much neglected issue, by closing the nutrient and water cycles. The essential features of Ecosan are containment, sanitisation and reuse. It is a process in which human excreta are used as a resource in a closed loop cycle.

Two Ecosan options are being developed. IEC activities like Mahila Mandal meetings, farmers' meetings and community melas have been organised. Gram Swachchhata Samitis set up to sustain the project and to collect community contributions are stressed to build a sense of ownership among the users. A village level cadre of masons is being built, and master trainers were sent to Trichy for training in constructing Ecosan toilets. Users' training programmes have been conducted for the beneficiaries. A pamphlet on the Ecosan concept has been developed and a user manual is prepared. The masons, supervised by the trained master trainers, will build the toilets. Contact:

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