SCERTSCERT-CEE Capacity Building Programmes:

CEE is working in close coordination with State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), UP on capacity building of key resource persons of 70 DIETs (District Institute of Education and Trainings) in the State.

Safe School Environment

In year 2007, CEE was invited by SCERT to provide technical support in the State level master trainers training programme focused on creating safe school environment. This workshop was planned by SCERT in context to UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD) with reference to - “it’s time for educators and all other interested in the cause of education, to ponder over how safe our schools are, and the extent to which they offer a safe school to the children, to fulfill the cherished promise of ‘educating’ them, and most importantly – the kind of future nation being created in our schools”. The workshop is also based on the statement of National Curriculum Framework 2005 – “Schools are institutional spaces for communities of learners both students and teachers…. How can the spaces of the school to be nurtured as a context where children feel safe, happy and wanted and which teachers find meaningful and professionally satisfying”. It also states that health is critical input for the overall development of a child and it influences enrolment, retention and school completion rates significantly.

In these training programmes, district level trainers from DIETs (District Institute of Education and Trainings) and BRCs (Block Resource Centres) were trained as district resource persons who will be organizing similar programmes at district level to train the BRCs and Nyay Panchayat Resource Centres (NPRCs). These district level resource persons will in turn train the primary teachers to send the message up to the school children and their family. With these five batches of training programme was organized where around 180 trainers have been trained from 65 districts. 

The training programme was focused upon safety, sanitation and overall well being of the school children. The four days programme dealt with physical fitness training, components of sanitation, toilets and health, adolescent education, mid day meal, understanding disasters, and dealing with trauma and child rights.

Health Promoting Schools

In year 2008, to observe International Year of Sanitation SCERT and CEE have focused the state level key training programmes on Health. Five batches of the training programme were organized to train DIET principals and Lecturers. The training programme included various aspects of health education such as personal hygiene, malnutrition, environmental sanitation and pollution, disease prevention, preparation for school health and sanitation plans.


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