Institutional Monitoring Project:

CEE Karnataka was appointed institutional monitor for the rural development projects of CAPART Regional Office, Dharwad, Karnataka. As part of this project CEE will monitor and evaluate projects being funded by CAPART during pre-funding, midterm and post-project activities in Karnataka and Kerala.

In this regard the CEE team attended a one-day orientation programme for institutional monitors at Mangalore in December, organised by the CAPART Regional Office, Dharwad and CAPART, New Delhi. Under this initiative, CEE Karnataka has so far been assigned the following:

  • Post-project evaluation of “SHG formation and Income Generation Programme”.
  • Post-project evaluation of “SHG and Income Generation and Employment Programme”.
  • Mid-term evaluation of project on “Rain Water Harvesting”.
  • Pre-funding evaluation of project titled “Rain Water Harvesting”.


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