Hazardous & Biomedical Waste Management & Municipal Solid Waste Management:

Waste management initiatives at CEE started in 1989 when it, along with other organisations, participated in a forum called the Committee for Clean Bangalore. Over the last few years, proper management of biomedical waste has emerged as a major focus of CEE's activities. Initiatives include, on the one hand, awareness raising, orientation and training programmes, and, on the other, establishment of a common facility for biomedical waste treatment and disposal.

The major purpose to undertake HWM BMWM Project is to initiate Training programmes on Hazardous & Biomedical Waste Management & Municipal Solid Waste Management.

The Waste and Resource Management Group organised the three rounds of training of trainer’s workshops on Bio-medical Waste Management and Occupational Health Hazards, a project supported by Hazardous Substances Management Division (HSMD) of MoEF, Government of India.

During training programmes over 650 Healthcare personnel from 242 nursing homes, labs, blood banks and clinics in Delhi were trained on different aspects of bio-medical waste management.

To mark the successful culmination of the BMWM workshop, CEE releasedhe Biomedical Waste Management Kit

in Hindi andThe BMWM Training Manual.


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