Nandanavanam is a nature education project initiated by CEE and supported by Urban Forestry Division of Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH) and State Department of Education. The project aim was to orient school children to plant life in urban areas through practical exposure. Nandanavanam encourages students’ action for conservation of green areas in the city.

Teacher-training workshops were conducted, focusing on activity based nature education. Two teachers were selected from each school. In all, 37 teachers were trained in two batches of teacher training workshops.

Education activities based on the teacher’s manuals were carried out in the parks. Monthly reports of the activities were given by the teachers to CEE. Monitoring of activities conducted by teachers in the park is being done by CEE personnel to facilitate the implementation of the activities.

The following teacher’s manuals have been developed by CEE

  • Chettu (Telugu adaptation of Exploring a Tree)

  • Haritha Viharam – A manual for organising nature trail

  • Green Zone -Wall magazines

A wall magazine called Green Zone is developed in Telugu and Urdu and disseminated to about 500 Telugu medium and 200 Urdu medium Government High schools and Upper Primary schools of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The distribution of the magazines is facilitated by the Deputy District Educational Officers. 12 issues of the magazines were developed as part of the project in two years.

Twenty issues of newsletters for teachers has been developed and dispatched. The newsletter contains information and ideas on nature education and reports on the developments in the Nandanavanam project.

A brochure has been developed by CEE on the eco-conservation project of a MCH park Lotus Pond, describing the pond as a hub of biodiversity in the centre of the city




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