Sanitation Awareness, Assessment, Action for School Campaign (SAAAF) -Medak Project :

CEE AP has designed and implemented the SAAAF campaign in 500 schools of Medak district with the objective of conducting a school level Sanitation Awareness, Assessment and Action campaign. Two-day workshops with students, teachers, motivators, PRA and government departments were held in schools to highlight the sanitation issues, assess the existing facilities and initiate action by involving various stakeholders from the students to the Department of Rural Water Supply.

This campaign was organised with the support from Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), SSA and UNICEF, and funded by DWSM Medak and UNICEF. The schools workshops and monitoring were facilitated by the Education Department with DEO as the nodal officer. The campaign was held in 421 schools, of which 143 initiated comprehensive action on all the identified issues.

A manual was developed to guide organisers of similar camps in other schools in the district as well as in other districts. With the help of the manual, this was accomplished in all other schools of Medak district.

In collaboration with TSC, a poster was developed giving details on the school level health and sanitation committees to be formed and their responsibilities. This poster was distributed to all the schools in Medak district.

Initial orientation was given to camp organisers, Mandal Resource Persons and District Resource Persons. Orientation was also organised for Mandal Education Officers who monitor the progress. Bimonthly review meetings were held with the MEOs Presentation


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