Save Sagar

Societal Awareness and Visitor Education for Conservation of Hussain Sagar Lake (SAVE SAGAR) : 

CEE AP with support from Buddha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA), Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is implementing the project for conservation of Hussain Sagar Lake (HSL).

The objectives of the project are:

  • To enhance awareness among visitors, students, vendors etc. about the natural and cultural heritage value of HSL

  • To provide mechanism for involvement of interested citizens, vendors and corporate bodies for conservation of the HSL

The following are the components of the project:Park Education Activities:Educational activities are conducted in 3 parks surrounding the lake (i.e. Sanjeeviah park, NTR gardens, Lumbini park) by placing Park Education Guides in each park. The activities include nature trails, heritage trails, bird watching, butterfly walks, thematic exhibitions, snake shows, competitions, film shows, events like Cycle rally, environmental Awareness campaigns, etc related to nature and other environmental educational activities.Development of Information Education and Communication materials:Hussain Sagar nature trail brochure for schools, Poster on ‘Birds of Hussain Sagar’ and a Sagar waves News letter were developed.

HSL Research fellowships: 3 research projects are supported as a part of the project. Aim of this component is to provide support to the students of post graduate level to undertake research studies on biodiversity of aquatic fauna and flora, environmental issues, social issues around Hussain Sagar Lake and its surroundings

Orientation to BPP and Security officials: Organising orientation and review meetings to the Officials of BPP/HMDA to motivate and sensitize the officials to take part in the conservation of HSL.

Green vendors programme: This programme is to involve the vendors in the surroundings of HSL, for protection of Lake surroundings from plastics and solid waste. To achieve this vendors are oriented regarding their roles and responsibilities through orientation programme and bimonthly review meetings. The vendor’s responsibilities include avoiding use of plastic containers, peer monitoring, and display of Dos and Don’ts near their vending places etc.

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