Environmental Education for Teacher EducatorsProject:

Resource Books on Environmental Education for Teacher Educators

CEE, with support of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), has developed a set of three Resource Books in English for the use by Teacher Educators at D. Ed, B. Ed and M. Ed level.

Review Workshops, Dehradun and Bangalore

Two workshops to review the draft Resource Books were conducted one each in Bangalore and Dehradun. The main aim of these workshops was to gain critical feedback on the set of EE Resource Books from teacher education practitioners operating at various levels i.e. D.Ed, B.Ed and M.Ed, especially on the following aspects:

a) Content: Relevance and appropriateness of the content to the specified level of teacher education; Sufficiency of the content for practitioners; Suitability of the writing style and the language of the Resource Books for teacher educators and teacher trainees.

b) Teaching Resources: Relevance and use of the Teaching Resources for the teacher trainees; Applicability of the Teaching Resources; Practically/do-ability of ideas contained in teaching resources within the teacher education system and schedule

c) Layout and Design: The look and arrangement of different sections of the Resource Book, running text, etc; Illustrations and other visuals 

d) Overall Appropriateness: Adequateness/ Sequence of the Content; Scheme of content and teaching resources vis a vis the NCTE EE Curriculum.

Resource Books in Hindi

CEE North developed three resource books in Hindi for the Teacher Educators. A team worked on the Hindi version of the resource books. A consultation workshop was organized to get experts opinion and advice on the content, presentation, language etc. Based on the inputs from the experts the books were revised. The final review workshop was organized at Allahabad to get feedback from practitioners.

Consultation Workshop at Lucknow

CEE North organized a three days consultation workshop, on the EE resource books in Hindi, to get inputs from the experts from various B.Ed. colleges, SCERT, DIETs and other institutes, at SCERT-UP, Lucknow. The objective of the workshop was to get advice by experts on the books in terms of language, flow of content, relevance for the region etc.

Review Workshop at Allahabad

CEE North organized two days review workshop at State Institute of Education (SIE), Allahabad. The workshop aimed at getting the feedback from practitioners on the resource books in terms of language, content, its appropriateness etc.


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