Virda Capacity Building:

CEE Halvad office is part of a network of agencies in earthquake affected areas which is a continuation of an intense drought proofing project implemented in association with the NGOs - Saline Area Vitalization Enterprise (SAVE) and Janvikas, Ahmedabad. The network of 10 local NGOs is called VIRDA, meaning a small traditional drinking water well, originating from Kachchh. As a part of this activity participatory planning workshops and exercises were undertaken with two project villages Khod and Jogad for preparation of village level plans.

A state level Agro-product Competition was jointly organized by the Junagadh Campus of Gujarat Agricultural University, CEE and a commercially progressive organic farmer of Halvad, on the latter’s Parishram Bagh Nursery farm. Key members of the State Horticulture Department attended, with the Minister of Agriculture as Chief Guest.

The CEE team set up operational demonstrations of Integrated Farming, Integrated Pest Management and Drip Irrigation. It also demonstrated working models of chaff cutters, well recharging, vermiwash units, nutritious cattle feed for animal husbandry, applications of alternative energy systems such as solar photovoltaic panels and cooker.

A range of educational material developed as part of other rural programmes was put up for display. Information and communication material developed included large banners, pamphlets and stickers. Slogans developed exclusively for the occasion forcefully drove home the message of self-reliance, development and prosperity. The event helped draw the attention of several functionaries at the state level of Government and NGOs and communities to CEE’s activities at Halvad.


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