YCAYouth for Clean Air:

As part of providing resource materials support to youth, CEE, the SAYEN Secretariat is developing an information material package “Youth for Clean Air (YCA)”, a project jointly conducted by SAYEN and UNEP.

This information package is being developed as part of the larger programme being implemented in South Asia, “Male` Declaration on Control and Prevention of Air Pollution and its Likely Transboundary Effects for South Asia”, by UNEP, Environment Ministries and Pollution control authorities. The package includes two publications:

  1. A printed documented for youth on air

  2. An Interactive CD for youth on air

The process for developing the package started with a two-day Inception Workshop, organized at Bangalore attended by selected 6 youth from the South Asian Countries, representatives from CEE and UNEP. The content outline was developed and structure for both publications was finalized. It was decided to have two sections in each of the publications. Section A to focus on basic information related to Air Pollution including sources and impacts. Section B to focus on the mitigation measures at various levels - individual and collective efforts and efforts at local, regional, government and global levels.

The draft of the document was further designed at CEE. The comments and suggestions from the Regional Stakeholders meeting were incorporated into the printed document and again shared with UNEP for approval.


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