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Lead India:

Livestock is an important livelihood source for rural India. Its increasing contribution in poverty reduction is well recognised, especially in the semi-arid and arid regions where crop husbandry offers limited options. In this regard the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Inter Cooperation (IC), under their Natural Resource Management (NRM) sector mandate, have been addressing various pertinent issues in India through the LEAD (Livestock Environment and Development) Initiative supported by SDC’s programme, Capitalisation of Livestock Programme Experiences India (CALPI). The LEAD India Platform has two major functions—Advocacy based on a sound Knowledge Base, and Communication for Development.

The advocacy function of the LEAD India Platform is led by a network of organisations under LAN (LEAD Advocacy Network). LAN has actively promoted networking among civil society organizations and other institutions to achieve the platform objectives on a large scale. CEE is a member of the LAN network of six NGOs from different states involved in livestock development activities. The objective of this network is to study various livestock issues in watershed areas and develop policy guidelines for livestock development. The initiative targets the protection and enhancement of natural resources as affected by livestock production, while alleviating poverty.


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